Punxsutawney Phil did not see a shadow today so, according to Groundhog Day folklore, we are in for an early Spring. But before you celebrate, you may want to take into consideration the fact that the Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox is on March 20th at 11:02 UTC, so inevitably, there will be six more weeks of winter. And, at a high of 30 degrees Fahrenheit today, here in southeastern Pennsylvania, the thought of colorful Spring blossoms seemed quite distant.

So, instead of pining for a different season, I am embracing and celebrating the one I am living in at the moment. Although less colorful, Winter also brings a myriad of amazing natural displays. A creek runs through our local state park, which I find endlessly fascinating, especially during winter where one can observe daily changes with the water slowly freezing and unfreezing.

These following images are from the last couple of weeks.


It’s snowing!



Frozen Waterfall

An almost frozen waterfall!


Frozen Waterfall

ASG__9876_2013-02-02 - Version 2

Shooting ice

ASG__9868_2013-02-02 - Version 2

ASG__9865_2013-02-02 - Version 2

I love the ice covered leaves and grass!

ASG__9858_2013-02-02 - Version 2

Why is the creek water so green today? It’s amazing how it changes from day to day.


ASG__9925_2013-02-02 - Version 2